This coffee machine accepts orders via text messages

It is enough to send in the message what the user wants, and the Textspresso prepares the brew and delivers it ready to consume.

The concept behind “Textspresso” is quite simple: basically, it is the only coffee machine that accepts orders through text messages. Just send “espresso” or “latte” and ready, the machine understands the order, prepares the brew, and little else.

Behind this invention is the company Zipwhip, and its intention is not precisely to produce the best coffee machines in mass, but rather demonstrate the power of its platform of text messages in the cloud for tablets and smartphones. The Textpresso is composed of 300 individual parts and was built in just 20 days, which could be considered more than remarkable.

And not to be confused with the orders of its users, there is even a printer that allows to have on paper up to the telephone number from where the orders are received. Surely Zipwhip’s offices in Seattle are taking a lot of advantage out of the little machine, and it’s a shame they’re probably never going to be able to enjoy it, unless someone else comes up with something similar.