Review: Ring Video Doorbell

The Internet of Things, now in useful version.

For the Internet of Things to catch flight, it was known that time was missing, that some technologies were not polished enough to make their real debut.

The half looked very useless and the other half did not work well. This is my first smart home appliance that does not produce rage or anguish.

I never thought that the satisfaction would arrive in the form of a ring, because in the long run, that is what the Ring is, a camera ring but instead of connecting with cables, it goes by Wi-Fi.

And what do I want it for? It happens that the system of the house continues to work, but now with the most of being able to answer the timbre from Madagascar if I feel like it, if I have access to the internet, of course, and be moderately stable because we talk about live video.

What’s entertaining is that everything is saved in Ring’s cloud and you can download the videos later if you want. Thanks to that is that I bring you an unmissable material (?)

The package comes well presented and with all the necessary tools for the installation, whether in wood, wall, stucco, etc.

The only bad thing is that it is almost a fact that you should have a minimum knowledge in, well, install things, and of course, have a drill. Hell, I do not know where my drill is.

Me, when I find out I need a drill.

Once the tool is obtained, the rest is quite simple and Ring explains it with videos that even a monkey with a beaten head can understand them, which is excellent, because that is my level installing things.

Yes, I had to install the bell on my old doorbell, because if I removed it, there was a hole in the wall that was even uglier than my new double doorbell. The important thing is that inside the house everything keeps ringing and now I also have video on my cell phone.

You can configure the machine to detect movement, with different sensitivities and distances, which can be very useful as a silent alert.

More information: Ring