Put a smart coffee maker in your life: the best models


Spinn is the latest attempt to make all the dreams of coffee lovers fresh. The coffee maker, which can now be pre-booked at Kickstarter for $ 300 (delivery is scheduled for mid-2017) is presented as an Internet-connected device with which we can enjoy our espresso or our cappuccino without needing to Move a finger

Spinn can store almost 1.2 kg of coffee beans and has a tank of 1.5 liters of water, so unlike capsule coffee makers, we should not worry about “loading the machine” the previous night to enjoy Our coffee first thing in the morning.

The great revolution of Spinn however we find it in an App in which we can program at what time we want our favorite coffee to serve us, to download and “toast” all type of coffee recipes and even to order coffee when the machine detects that it is lacking little To stay without our favorite drink.

As a curiosity, Spinn is prepared to integrate with both Siri and Amazon Echo , so when we like that cafelito, we can always kindly ask Alexa.


Connected Prodigy

Nespresso lovers have in Prodigio Connected the first coffee maker with which they can prepare their favorite coffee without having to separate from their mobile phone.

Unlike Spinn, Prodigy Connected does not connect directly to the Internet, but is paired to our mobile phone via Bluetooth. We can program our coffee machine to serve us a “Voluto” or an “Arpeggio” just after waking us up. However not having a store of our own, we will have to remember to load the corresponding capsule before using the App. Which is not to be excessively cumbersome (it costs us nothing to introduce a new capsule after having enjoyed our coffee) but certainly You lose some of the magic of having a smart coffee machine.

Like other Nespresso machines, we can order our favorite capsules directly from the App, but unlike the other machines, Prodigio Connected is able to detect how many capsules we have left and therefore, order them for us if we wish.



Can you imagine waking up every morning with the scent of freshly brewed coffee? This is what Bairiseur promises us, which has probably earned the “dubious honor” of being the most hipster coffee maker on the market .

This coffee-maker synchronizes the time at which we want to wake up with the most exquisite preparation of the coffees, so that when we finally end up stretching we have our favorite drink by hand.

Unlike the previous ones, Bairiseur presents like a drip coffee machine, accompanied by a container of milk and a divider drawer reserved for the sugar. Each night we will have to replenish the ingredients and the device will do the mixing a few minutes before we have to get out of bed. An interesting project that is marketed for $ 299 in Indie Gogo and expects to reach its owners in mid-2017.



If we want to have coffee for the whole day, maybe the coffee maker that interests us the most is proposed by Smarter.am . The British manufacturer presents its first connected coffee machine taking advantage of the benefits of the filter coffee.

Smarter.am allows us to not only set the time at which we want to have our cup of coffee ready, but also, taking advantage of the characteristics of this type of coffee, keep it hot for longer.

From the App we can also program how many cups of coffee we want to prepare, depending on the number of people we go to share our favorite drink.

Bruvelo: the coffee maker that could not be

Bruvelo was a pioneer in the world of connected coffee machines. It offered practically everything that we found in Spinn but perhaps the having arrived before time, finished happening to him invoice. Its launch in Kickstarter in early 2015 left indifferent to almost everyone and failed to exceed its funding goal.

Maybe it came to the market too soon, maybe it did not do with the proper promotion campaign, but the truth is that if the boys of Bruvelo tried again in 2017, they would find a market more receptive to their genius.

Via The Coffee Mag