LG brings its car radios with mobile connectivity

With LG’s own WIC technology, these radios feature the integrated “LG Car Audio WiCS” application that allows passengers to access and control in detail all storage devices and radio broadcasts from anywhere in the car.

Every time we do more things with the mobile, so from LG have thought of providing us life on board the car allowing us to control the radio from our mobile phone.

This morning they told us that they have landed in Spain their two new radios for the car: The LCF810 and the LCS710, which are different from the rest, precisely because it has integrated a remote control application that allows passengers to control them from anywhere in the car , Without the help of the driver, thanks to LG’s own WIC technology.

Thus, the LG Car Audio WiCS remote control system allows the user to select contents, manage predefined, play / pause, adjust the volume, as well as edit and create playlists.

In addition, you can also adjust the settings of the car audio systems, including the equalizer, frequency subwoofer (SW), brightness of the backlit LCD screen and recording speed of the USB drive … Everything from the mobile.

The data: The application works through Bluetooth and is useful in both iOS-governed and Android-powered phones.

They reported from LG that these new radios play MP3 and WMA audio files stored on CDs, USB flash memory devices, SD cards, external hard disks (HDD) and iPhone / iPod. In addition, in the European case, the FM radio is accompanied by Digital Audio Broadcasting + (DAB +) with customizable programs according to the preferences.

However, between the LCF810 and the LCS710 the differences are minimal: The first shows three lines of information on the screen, while the second one does the same with only two screens. Thus, both are now on sale in Spain at 149 euros the LCF810 and 129 euros the LCS710.

Not only are Smart TVs, but every day more gadgets are adding to the range of “controlled from the mobile” … Although the truth, to my way of seeing, the advance in this type of remote control technologies is going to Step too slow. At least for my expectations, perhaps it is that I am impatient.

And I dream that the day will come when we can operate the coffee machine, the washing machine, the oven, the iron … And any appliance remotely and from the mobile. It would be more practical to do the daily activities of the house, and surely we would receive more help from the boys, do not you think?

Via LG