Google Home seeks to help you with searches to improve your day

They continue to work with brands to allow you to control devices in your home with the power of your voice.

During the presentation of Google this Tuesday, October 4, along with the presentation of the new smartphone Pixel and new services and products, also demonstrated the things that are possible to do with Google Home, the device that will compete directly with Amazon Echo.

The Home section can be summarized in four key points that they seek to offer: enjoy your favorite music, receive answers to your questions from Google – taking into account the context of these -, be able to order and deliver daily tasks and control devices in your home , All with the use of your voice without having to take out your smartphone to perform such activities.

Home can filter words from other noises; The company said that it has tested the system in different sound environments and always recognizes the voice. Also, it will filter words depending on whether it has been given the order using “OK Google” or not. Other functions are that you can give a calendar of your day activities, manage the devices in your home like televisions, lights and others. Right now, companies like Nest, SmartThings, Philips Hue and IFTTT are already making smart products that can work alongside Home.

Google Home is available to book from today in the United States for a price of USD $ 129 and will come with six months free YouTube Network, six optional color bases. It will be on sale in stores next November 4th .

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